Projekte für TCV Agling



Dank Ihrer Mithilfe konnten wir Ende November Geld für den Ankauf warmer Decken und Winterkleidung für bedürftige Bewohner in Agling überweisen.

Mit viel Freude haben wir gestern diese Fotos sowie ein Dankesschreiben von Tenzin Wanga, unserem Partner in Indien, erhalten! Es ist berührend zu sehen mit wie wenig man Menschen in Zeiten des westlichen Überflusses noch Freude bereiten kann!


„Reaching beyond boundaries

Why do we matter a lot in bringing happiness in others life? We have struggled so much in our life to be able to lead a comfortable life by sacrificing our needs and our time to reach at this moment of our life. So why should we now share our moment of comfort with others? Such kind of thinking has for long infested our thoughts that it has further escalated the rate of capitalism in this world of materialism. I am not at all immune to the concept of self development. Yes indeed we as a species, our life revolves around the constant spinning of fictional realities like money which ultimately determines the rate of happiness within us. But I think it is important for us to identify the kind of happiness with which you are currently adhered to. In general speaking, happiness can be broadly classified into pleasure, passion and purpose. Pleasure and passion can definitely make you happy, but the general peoples still have a huge problem in understanding the long term effect of passion and pleasure in our happiness. It’s a stark a reality that the pleasure and the passion failed in terms of bringing about a happiness which could last for long time. We have those problems of depression, hatred, self centeredness increasing by leaps in today’s world. These are some of the few impacts which we had witnessed in our society. Coming onto the purpose, as a species who has so far being successful in establishing its dominance over the rest of the species, human definitely should be seeking some purpose in all the task that he does. What is beautiful thing about the happiness through a purpose is that feeling like you are part of something bigger than yourself and that your actions really matter can lead to deep sense of fulfillment and long term happiness. Frankly speaking, as a very realistic and a productive species, we ought to have purpose behind every task that we do. If the kind of purpose which we have for the task that we do brings about huge transparent and honest smile in the face of innocent peoples, then I feel it is definitely a worthwhile purpose which really could bring about huge amount of happiness that could last forever. Not a single sentient being in this world can exist in his own habitat without interacting with others. We all are interdependent and it is important that we co exist together happily. I had often cursed myself for being a refugee that what kind of sinful things I had done in my past life. I look at the thousands of refugee being drowned in sea, hundreds being killed and thousands being led to lead a pitiful life . I wanted to reach out to them and feel with them, their pangs of emotions, their sufferings and their happiness. And it doesn’t matter actually how big and small you can contribute towards the society. But the feelings of being present at the time of need and being purposeful is more than enough to bring those joys and happiness. My association with the tibethilfegailtal has brought a new dimension to my small world which has definitely bought immense amount of joy that I can’t even measure in my own imagination. Seeing everything on the ground level , those innocent eyes and those innocent tears of gratefulness, I felt that we are doing such a good job of bringing happiness among the peoples by tending to their needs when the whole natural atmosphere drops down into minus degree centigrade with the animals going into their hibernation mode and the peoples thriving with logwoods fire which is their only mode of survival. Your act of distributing winter clothes which includes thick blankets, woolen clothes, thick pants has brought about so much of joy in the eyes of those peoples who for long has been neglected. They can’t barely pronounce your names, but they remember you as that generous lady from a far away land who thinks about us when we are not even related by blood. I must admit to hearing of one old woman saying that “we had done some good things in our past life to be able to come across such young and generous lady who can understand the feelings of us peoples”. These are some of the purposeful happiness through the aid of Tibethilfe Gailtal with Barbara in her full energy in the lead. We thank you very much for your continuous effort in uplifting the lifestyle of our peoples. There are many ways by which peoples can be thankful, but we have those empty words of thank you. We are left with no other option apart from saying thank you. But these words are really echoing from the deepest point of our heart and we are really grateful for your kind and generous thoughts about us. Those sound and cozy sleep in the house which you had built when the outside temperature drops down into minus degree centigrade, those warm talks between the old peoples, those happiness in the eyes of those kids who now don’t have to suffer from cold mattress, contaminated water and the lack of the facilities are some of the purposeful happiness you had showered upon in our lif . Thank you again for your wonderful works. We are blessed enough.“

Tenzin Wanga


In den vergangenen Tagen wurde auch das Lehrerzimmer mit einem Bodenbelag ausgestattet.

Die Freude über die warmen Bodenbeläge in den Klassenzimmern ist groß!

DANKE allen die uns bei der Umsetzung dieser Projekte unterstützen!




Dank der großzügigen Spenden im Rahmen des Pilgervortrages von Michael Graschitz und Hannes Zausnig konnten die ersten Wasserfilter und ein Kasten bereits angekauft werden.

Die Freude darüber war sehr groß!!





Wir freuen uns, dass wir unser erstes Projekt für TCV Agling Dank  Ihrer / eurer Unterstützung und der sehr raschen Umsetzung durch das Team in Agling schon erfolgreich beenden konnten.

Wie kalt es in den Klassenräumen ist,  sieht man an der Kleidung, die die Kinder während des Unterrichts tragen … dabei beginnt der Winter erst!



Herzlichen DANK!!




Als erstes Projekt für die TCV Tagesschule Agling möchten wir als Tibethilfe Gailtal – Klagenfurt für die Kindergarten- und Schulkinder warmen Sitzunterlagen ankaufen.

Traditionell sitzen tibetische Schüler wenn sie lernen, schreiben etc. am Boden.

Die Klassenräume der Schule sind mit Steinfußböden ausgestattet, auf denen dzt. nur dünne Teppiche liegen. Auf diesen sitzen die Kinder währen der ca. 8 Unterrichtsstunden täglich – auch im Winter, wenn die Temperaturen auf oft unter -20°C fallen.

Viele Kinder leiden daher im Winter häufig an Verkühlungen, Blasenentzündungen, Durchfallerkrankungen …

Durch den Ankauf von warmen Sitzunterlagen möchten wir den Kindern eine angenehmere Lernumgebung schaffen und die Häufigkeit der Erkrankungen deutlich reduzieren.

Die Sitzunterlagen können vor Ort angekauft werden, was zusätzlich eine Belebung der örtlichen Wirtschaft bewirkt.

Es wäre schön wenn möglichst viele  dieses Projekt unterstützen.

Die Bankdaten finden Sie im Impressum. Bitte als Verwendungszweck: „TCV Agling“ angeben, damit das Geld ordnungsgemäß zugeteilt werden kann!

Herzlichen Dank!!