Team in TCV Agling




Mr. Tsering – Head master in TCV Agling (Schulleiter)


„Tashi Delek,

I am Tsering the headmaster of TCV Agling school which is a branch school of TCV Ladakh. I have been working since 1982 as a humanity teacher.

Ladakh, a remote place which had been cut off for the rest of the India during the winter time, has been suffering much in the field of education.

To be able to make some changes in the lifestyle of the innocent children’s has given me so much of joy and satisfaction. Being in a profession which involves huge dedication and focus, I have found a huge joy in interacting with my beloved students through out the year. And I feel immensely proud to be a part of something nobody can possibly understand until they set their foot in a classroom and teach. It gives me even more pleasure when I see  my own students working in different schools and institution in the existing exile community.

In 1996, I was officially appointed as the headmaster of TCV Agling and since then I have been continuing my work as a headmaster by collaborating with my hardworking colleagues and students .“


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